a hundred days of happiness: day 21 – ecstaticness and Sunday Bests!

i know it’s a somewhat trivial thing to be mucho excited about, but lately, i’ve hit 50 likes on my posts and like 15 followers and i’m so, so, so ecstatic! it’s insane how happy this makes me.   see! i wasn’t lying! anyways. moving on, i just wanted to let you know that this truly means […]

a hundred days of happiness: day 20 – cold weather, good reads, and a post that matches my age!

This is what my universe looks like today. Today, it’s a cool 23degrees and sunny. Blue skies on the horizon, and looming up ahead, is a long, long public holiday. Today, life couldn’t get any better, and my excitement is bubbling out and for once, i’m so, so, so content!  my favourite things in life […]

a hundred days of happiness: day 19 – long breaks

I’m thankful for long breaks and holidays. Tomorrow marks the start of an 8 day vacation in China because it’s like the Mooncake Festival or something abstract and cool, but I’m a little too uncouth to really explain it fully, so instead of trying, I’ll just tell a story from my youth. Once upon a […]

unfinished – a poem

i’m not gonna lie and say it doesn’t hurt but i’m also not gonna lie and say it does. the truth is fickle like a candle flickering one false move and the flames die. embers burning fire blue because there is no more me and you there are the fragments of discolouration, a once upon […]

a hundred days of happiness: day 15 – the double edged sword

what expanding your universe really means. i’m really, really, really happy for you. you’re expanding your universe too and i can’t fault you that. Saving Jane has a song that is so apropos of this moment: i’m so happy for you baby i could cry.  i don’t expect to let you go overnight and i fully knew when […]

a hundred days of happiness: days 12, 13 & 14 – busyness, tiredness and weekends!

i can’t believe yesterday was Friday. Usually, i’m all like TGIF, but lately, it’s been more like WHAT. it CAN’T be Friday again! Yea. Life is crazy busy lately, and i’m welcoming the craziness, but i’m also stressing the little moments, and it’s absolute mayhem. both in reality, and in my head. i didn’t post yesterday because […]

a hundred days of happiness: day 11 – on the road

when months become weeks and weeks become days and days become hours. i like the idea of that. today’s post is going to be short because as John Mayer sings, i’m just gonna say what i need to say, and i’m gonna leave. today’s thought: leaving. i don’t know if you’ve ever read this page, but it’s […]