Love & Other Short Stories

It’s not that I can’t love you anymore,
it’s that I don’t want to.

The days trickled into years,
unravelling the tapestry of our limbs

Casual snippets snipping
— snapping —
the last threads of us.

The future looms, as it does, as it always will.

Your tender eyes were a dropped stitch
weaving tales of fantasy and love.

I guess you wanted a Princess,
or some form of Juliet
to lie prone in your arms

but my warrior heart blanketed yours

and you learnt that
not all Beauty is created fragile

and I learned that
not all monsters are men.

Some are sweet little boys
with charming smiles
, eager 

to ride off on white stallions.

This piece first appeared on Medium published by Poet’s Unlimited. For more of my prose and poetry, check out @CharlleyThen


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