a hundred days of happiness: days 46 & 47 – halloween and the end of the world.

halloween is coming again. it’s always seemed strange to me, how the word serendipity sounds so much like surrender pity. i want to surrender myself to fate, and let the chips fall as they may. time rushes by in uneven, messy blinks, and before you know it, before your mind can even really catch up […]

a hundred days of happiness: day 45 – a poem and a post

  because somedays, we all need this. reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. “Which way should I go?” “depends on where you’re going.” “i don’t know.” “then it doesn’t matter.”   this poem is called Freedom is a Choice. i will not let my self worth be measured by another’s words. i will not allow their […]

a hundred days of happiness: days 34,35,36,37&38!

i can’t believe how time is just slipping away from me. it’s so incredibly crazy. can i just say that? over, and over, and OVER AGAIN! it’s insane how time is just flying by, like whoosh whoosh whoosh! i feel like i’m marking months off a calendar at a time, instead of days.  i’ve been working really hard lately, so […]

a hundred days of happiness: day 31- the things i miss (an almost poem)

i miss holding hands with someone. long walks through winding neighbourhoods. leaves crunching under my feet. i miss the warmth of another person. someone to talk to about anything. a constant that will always be. i miss the freedom of wide lands. the sea breeze in my hair. stolen sand inside my shoes. i miss […]