inexplicable. the heavy empty creeps back in devouring keenly eyes taking everything un-listening. for the longest time i thought silence was gold until i learnt aloof meant to be adored so i adorned myself with empty things surrounded myself with empty beings and learnt that haunted houses were nothing more than empty buildings. still the […]


I saw the shades that captured fae fairytales that divided Loss controlled By hearts that devoured Conquering flames Like passion bridled Past the point of consumption. I was taught that good girls Always smiled, Knew better but never told Never argued, Never changed. How could I have known At 17 what was and wouldn’t be […]


in the warmth of August, anticipatory shivers erupted across my molten skin. he was a sinfire shot in tacky board shorts with his orange long board recklessly held. the first time we spoke, that simple hi rearranged my life i understood then what people meant when they said “fate”. he held my hand with an […]

Being Sick in October

Being sick in October is a riptide of sensations. Simultaneously hot — fevered observations of wind blowing through leaves trembling — and cold. Too cold. Chills that cut through layers of hoodies And fluffy blankets that do nothing Except turn me into a spit-roast, and my coffees and teas into melted glaciers— left overly long. Trapped heat from my […]

once upon

and i saw you: fingers twisting your t-shirt, longboard by the door, with one foot in. always one foot in. you could’ve asked for the world i would’ve given you anything. everything. instead, you chose my smile, with a sad goodbye and too sweet kiss, you gave me life. it took me years to understand that […]


I thought I wanted To be a Poet Well, now I have A collection of Words Potentate  — Sultana  — — Paladin. Impotent, Dried up Pruned. Sovereign regret buried In halcyon rage Weaving depictions Into metaphors devoid. Harlequin  — Emissary  — — Slave. I thought I accrued A collection of Words In my haste to succeed I found a […]