Niagara Falls.

He says he wants life, while hiding in a cave Allegories glittering. I stumble. Over answers, tongue ready to inject fuel into a conversation that was never meant to be anything other than me, conveying my point. My glorious point. What of stars and dreams and y’know… other things? My point was never meant for […]

Almost Lover

I thought I would miss you, The pillow talks, The late night YouTube vids, The morning-after breakfasts… Your flirty texts. I still remember the feel of your beard under my searching fingers: Scuffing warmth, caressing chin. I don’t know how we ended — vague memories searching. I know there was a wanting succeeded by time, Erasing […]


Life hurts in that melancholy ache gestating in your chest “I’m.So.Rry.” it pumps Beating, over and over Hardware designed to fail We’re goodbyes, waiting to happen Collecting yesterdays In his face Her eyes Their lips “I.Need.You” “Come.Get.Me” Couldn’t be saved. A/N: Trying something new… Try reading the poem from bottom to top as well. This […]

for when you’re sad and foggy

Today’s post might be a little sad… so here’s fair warning: skip past the italics to go straight to the good stuff. When you’ve been told your whole life that you’re bigger than something, it tends to become a truth deeply rooted in your psyche. Millennials, especially, who’ve grown up constantly being bombarded with the […]