Love and Other Stories

I did my first public poetry reading a couple weeks ago. It was simultaneously the most exciting, liberating and nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done. I’ve spoken in public forums, hosted investor meetings with men twice my age without blinking an eye. Yet this, reading a poem in public to a room of strangers was the scariest thing I’ve ever […]


Perspective. It’s such a funny thing… I moved to Shanghai at 20, a sullen, depressed enigma. Threw myself into partying, threw myself into working, afraid of sleep. I used to go days on 2 hours of napping, afraid of crashing, afraid of the silence and the dreams. Oh, how things have changed in a few […]

Closure: Six Years Later

We met again in a foreign land, Foreign like his name upon my lips, The sight of his hair, his eyes, his face Both familiar and other. The six years that stretched were etched Upon the way he carried himself, Posture confident, awkward smile in place. You never think you’ll run into your first love, […]

Why Can’t We Stop Looking?

As a child, I began to realize that my nose only itched at times when I couldn’t scratch it. As a teenager, I began to understand the concept of our subconscious picking up on the subtle hints around us; the most obvious of hints that we miss because our minds simply gloss over them. The […]

my heart was awake to a range of sorrows, so i started running to feel more alive

I miss cold beers with a fresh hint of honey.Frozen green grapes. Long conversations under cherry blossom trees.Snowboarding lessons. Reckless driving to Spanish Banks.Midnight snacks at Pita Pit.Philosophizing the universe into a context that we understood. I miss knowing with the sheer intensity of my entire being who I was, what I stood for and where I […]