Love and Other Stories

I did my first public poetry reading a couple weeks ago. It was simultaneously the most exciting, liberating and nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done. I’ve spoken in public forums, hosted investor meetings with men twice my age without blinking an eye. Yet this, reading a poem in public to a room of strangers was the scariest thing I’ve ever […]

Ramblings from my Rooftop

i knew who i was at 13 when my solitude poured ink onto paper magic words that kept manic monsters at bay. olive skinned and bright smiles wanting but never yearning. he said i had a spark that drew the bees in droves with a barely there smirk that kept them trying. i knew i […]

Closure: Six Years Later

We met again in a foreign land, Foreign like his name upon my lips, The sight of his hair, his eyes, his face Both familiar and other. The six years that stretched were etched Upon the way he carried himself, Posture confident, awkward smile in place. You never think you’ll run into your first love, […]

Why Can’t We Stop Looking?

As a child, I began to realize that my nose only itched at times when I couldn’t scratch it. As a teenager, I began to understand the concept of our subconscious picking up on the subtle hints around us; the most obvious of hints that we miss because our minds simply gloss over them. The […]

what life sometimes means.

sometimes you wake up with a smile on your face. sometimes, you don’t.  it doesn’t make you any less happy or any more depressed. it doesn’t make you anything. it’s like the stupid optimism litmus test. there is nothing philosophical about a glass being half full or half empty. there is just the simple matter […]

you can’t wait around for an idea. he disappoints.

“For a time, he had meddled, even peddled, looking for the light in his own eyes. But never enough was it, just as well, in his own mind, for the brand of fire which he desired was the sort a man might chase until he dies, and even at the gates of Hell, never find.” […]