a hundred days of happiness: day 18 – rock stars

I wasn’t really alive back when punk was in full boom. Well, I guess I was, but I was like a baby or something. But, I remember watching The Ramones (Rock & Roll High School), listening to The Clash and realizing that this is music. Not because it was amazing, but because it had this beat to it that fed into your soul and filled your being with the emotions behind the song.

Because sometimes, it was singing out loud and yelling to the lyrics and that’s all you need. Not heavy, crazy emotional stuff. Just simple good ol’ head bang worthy rock!

Not that my generation doesn’t have its fair share of good music. I mean, we have really good music these days too. Like Christian Hansen & The Autistics, 

We have Mumford and Sons, Lana Del Rey, Adele… See, we have our fair share of good music. But as far as rock goes, it’s a little bit shocking. I remember being back in high school when someone said “when did the Jonas Brothers become classified as rock?!” and i agreed. Because… really?!

JoBros? Rock? You’re kidding, right?

These days, a lot of the bands that come out aren’t really rock bands. Like, don’t get me wrong. Their music is good, but… where have all the rock stars gone?!
like proper rock stars. with the leather jackets and laissez faire attitude. with the crazy curls and sunglasses at night and mike stand humping and crazy jumping and ripped jeans and dirty t-shirts and swag?!

Gimme back Joey, Dee dee, Johnny and Tommy! Gimme back Mick Jagger and all his swagger. because that’s what i want to see. good ol’ fashioned rock & roll!

so today, i am happy to have stumbled across Eddie String (X Factor UK) because finally, this character… now this, is a rock star.


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