floating islands

i always found that term oxymoronic. maybe it’s just me. but… technically, aren’t we all floating islands?  each continent is essentially just a super, duper huge island. no?  sitting on a body of water. floating. like our consciousness. floating until we touch something and then we drift apart again. because that’s nature. each particle moving onward, cells (like […]

all the things we used to be

Isn’t it funny, how the people who pass through your life, the people you loved, leave a part of themselves ingrained within you?  I used to love chocolate, until I fell in love with a him who didn’t, and stupidly, I said I hated it too, just so we’ll have something in common. In a […]

how to be the sort of person someone could love

i never saw you coming.and i’ll never be the same.but this life is waitingand i’m wild with longingthis is a real escapeand maybe this is fatei’m in a falling agefalling from my faithless stage i want to settle down into the pages of a book and disappear into the ink so that my life is […]

why can’t you want me like the other boys do? they stare at me while i stare at you

you’ve won.you know that. clearly. in the battle of who cares least. you earned the gold medal. and all that’s left is my dignity.  i resolved to not lose myself this year. because i might like you, but i love myself more. and i have to start taking care of the things that i love. and […]

all the reasons to not fall in love, and the one reason to.

because he/she will break you.indelibly.they will leave their mark in the ugliest and nicest parts of your heart and shatter the million pieces of you into even tinier shards and they will smile as they do it, disappearing into the horizon you were both supposed to drive into together. because the fall will hurt. whether or […]

because a person has to try

i’m kinda tired. the kind of tired that reaches into your bones and settles into your soul, like mites that burrow deep into your skin and never leave you alone. i’m a firm believer that work and personal lives should be kept separate. i personally, don’t believe that you should fault someone at work just because of […]

i’m so bored. the problem with being a millennial

i’m not preachy, but recently, i’ve been.  the problem with the Y generation, or generation whY as i like to pun, is that we’re constantly bored. and living in Shanghai has brought that out more than ever. despite everything being convenient and at my fingertips, despite or rather, in spite of all the parties, i’m […]

asian privilege?!!

is this guy for real? http://takimag.com/article/tackling_asian_privilege_gavin_mcinnes#axzz2Mf4TLiQB at first, i thought it was a genuinely informative, well-thought out article, but then i continued reading and the end is just a hate-filled rant.  i’m asian, and i’ve never been proud to be one before. i grew up in a mainly White dominant culture, and i’ve always been made to […]