When I was sixteen, my idea of a perfect life was to be a travelling bartender. My goal was to make enough money to move on to the next town and so on, so on, in such a pattern. The point was to travel the world. It wasn’t to be rich or famous or anything […]

Some days

Somedays, my fingers remember tracing the contours of your cheeks. Your lips. Your arms. They remember racing through your hair and my lips… Oh, my lips, remember being caught in yours. Somedays, I awake breathless with pain, gasping with bitter longing for something past. Something passed. I remember, and it’s the remembering that hurts most. […]

On infinities

it doesn’t actually feel like much of an option. but then again, nothing really feels anymore, these days. this crazy empty longing burns a hole inside me. i’ve been reading a lot lately. mostly pretentious stuff. i’ve also been thinking a lot lately, and we all know that’s never good. it recently occurred to me… what my understanding […]

20 things i want to do before i turn 20

#20. Be in Canada and Stateside at the same time. #19. Re-read the entire Harry Potter series… IN A DAY! #18. Hold a bake sale. #17. Sell lemonade. #16. Dress in primary colours only (including socks) #15. Take pictures of random cloud shapes #14. Buy and finish a 1000 piece puzzle #13. Get on a train and see where you end up #12. Lob […]