Day to Day Variables

loneliness descends like a moth fluttering in the hollows where light breathes and devours all shards of self esteem is a treacherous slope sliding backwards hands grasping only emptiness fingers tighten desperation fluttering against the torrent of cresting emotions varying daily the subtlety of trying the audacity of caring the implicitness of simply being i […]

When I Loved You.

I was nineteen. It was Summer. We were playing at grown ups Disassembling ourselves Trying on clothes Discarding skins. Philosophy was a morning class. Homework done in bottles consumed between midnight and 3am phone calls. Your skin glowed in mauve greys — laugh that reminded me of black things that sparkle. I left my windows open once, in Vancouver winter […]

when someone says “i met someone”

Story-teller History lover Game changer. Cigarette stealer Frantic kisser Marvellous man. Tango dancer Horrid singer Big jazz bands. Blanket hog Kitchen snob Traveller’s soul. Couldn’t ask you to stay Wouldn’t ask me to leave, You understand I am poetry writer Smooth talker Rebel yells, Spur of the moment Last minute decisions Too bright smiles. Shy lover Prank plotter Drunky McGee. Contradictions Long distance […]