I miss Neopets

poignant realization that i really ought to keep up with new writing/publishing platforms… this was the hurried result. Call me “old school” that I still use DeviantArt and WordPress and occasionally, OCCASSIONALLY, Blogger, (accept that I still call it Blogspot). I like the fact that it contains The genesis of my musings. See, I’ve been […]

Love and Other Stories

I did my first public poetry reading a couple weeks ago. It was simultaneously the most exciting, liberating and nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done. I’ve spoken in public forums, hosted investor meetings with men twice my age without blinking an eye. Yet this, reading a poem in public to a room of strangers was the scariest thing I’ve ever […]


Perspective. It’s such a funny thing… I moved to Shanghai at 20, a sullen, depressed enigma. Threw myself into partying, threw myself into working, afraid of sleep. I used to go days on 2 hours of napping, afraid of crashing, afraid of the silence and the dreams. Oh, how things have changed in a few […]

13 Lessons from 2013 for 2014

January 2014 brings with it a daunting kind of freedom. Here’s a whole new year for you to fuck up or not fuck up (really, I’ve learnt, it’s a matter of perspective, oh, and actual actions.)Here are 13 lessons I’ve learnt from 2013 to try and help guide me through this coming year.  1. Family is […]

how to find yourself again

Lose yourself in the worst way possible.Lose yourself to the pounding music of the dance floor; to the white lies and white lines; to the loveless, luckless marriage of bodies sweating. Lose yourself in the roaring crowd; in the warm arms of cheap whiskey; lose yourself in the early morning walk of shame. Lose yourself […]