a hundred days of happiness: days 12, 13 & 14 – busyness, tiredness and weekends!

i can’t believe yesterday was Friday.
Usually, i’m all like TGIF, but lately, it’s been more like WHAT. it CAN’T be Friday again!

Life is crazy busy lately, and i’m welcoming the craziness, but i’m also stressing the little moments, and it’s absolute mayhem. both in reality, and in my head.

i didn’t post yesterday because i didn’t have time. my morning was a whirlwind of meetings and meetings and afterwards was a whirlwind of trying to get things on track.
life is still a whirlwind at the moment, but… it’s Saturday here, and it’s a cool, rainy grey, which is kind of awesome. it matches my mood.

i want to just laze in bed and stare at the ceiling, counting imaginary sheep until my brain catches up, but time is running out. it’s funny. in high school, that was one of our prom themes, and i used to love that phrase with a pretentious, douchey reverence, but now…
it’s more like a simple statement.

it’s scary.

no matter how much you do in a day, no matter whether you were born rich or poor, whether you’re in Hawaii or India… everyone gets the same amount of time. i guess that’s the only thing that’s fair in life?

today’s post is a little drab because i’m very, incredibly tired.
i’ve been waking up the past couple days of nightmares about work. mostly about things not going right. for those who don’t know, i’m currently on board a project doing organic food and drinks. it’s pretty awesome, and i’m super excited, which is one thing, but i’m also super tired, which is another.

OK. i need to stop whining.

taken from Pinterest! because pins are awesome.

J&A (who read my blog. hehehe) invited me over to play third wheel in their dinner party tonight!
so hooray to me for having found two crazy new friends. a point for happiness, i do believe.

i may, or may not post another post and plaster their pictures all over this blog! (just kidding.)
but i’m expanding my universe, and going to a dinner party sounds like such a terribly grown-up thing to do. i’m 50% excited and 50% apprehensive and 100% awkward!

make that 200% charlotte.
so hey. today? i am happy. tired, but happy!




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