grapefruit moon

tom waits, for no one.his voice, an angry mess ofsex and alcoholbrown-beaten by the nostalgic sunand he croons to mechasing winter into summer my thoughts bluster the heat is welcome.i’ve been cold for so longi’ve forgotten the taste offreedom and spiceand everything nice,i used to write poetry, i think i’ve ran too far away now,been running for […]

you rock the magic planes with no abbreviation

voice of a stranger,words of a friend.he spins me into oppositionspulling me in twisted directionsuntil the lull of perfection dimsand i am a frayed notelingering in the wind,body a melting pool of insolencehe tames my harshand gives me words. my nicotine. i thought i traded up for the sunny lines ofabbreviated thoughts,that the boredom of youthwould […]

i wish nothing but the best for you

it’s scary and painful, how much can change within such a short period of time. it’s a hard truth to grasp, in all honesty, i’ve been grappling with it for so long… longer than i can remember. letting go is a lot harder to do than saying it, because sometimes, your mind acknowledges the truth, […]