Knock knock, who’s there?

So I’ve always wanted to do A poetry reading like A standup comedy act – Cue the laughter – There’s just always been Something so beatnik In the pauses and silence, Where you can hear the almost Not quite imaginary cymbals clash, That moment heavy With anticipation, tense preparation – The spitting of water – […]

I miss Neopets

poignant realization that i really ought to keep up with new writing/publishing platforms… this was the hurried result. Call me “old school” that I still use DeviantArt and WordPress and occasionally, OCCASSIONALLY, Blogger, (accept that I still call it Blogspot). I like the fact that it contains The genesis of my musings. See, I’ve been […]

Cigarette Burns.

I lit my first cigarette at 17 Back lit by a Swiss playground Inhaled to quell the boredom. The lighter flickered in the damp air, Unsure fingers experimenting with Vague impressions, channeling James Dean, Norma Jean, Bukowski, Nicotine tendrils that curled around Caressing my faded grey hoodie I tried my first drag, burning Couldn’t inhale. […]

Through the Tiffany Window.

His words fell into and outside of me, Some fey wander I put blanket terms over charming boys Faded into the background Her glamour is made up eyes Black and glossy Hepburn I wanted to tell him why breakfast at tiffanys Brought flutters to my fledgling heart Why my whiskey soul thirsted Dying embers yearning. […]

for the one i stopped writing for.

My fingers trail after the ghost of you Memory pretty boy with your pretty words Spinning beautiful mindscapes in my universe. I want to breath you in All the intricacies that make you human And inhale your hurt, that I may unburden your being. Pretty xylophone magic that ignites A joy that almost aches Because […]