When I Loved You.

I was nineteen. It was Summer. We were playing at grown ups Disassembling ourselves Trying on clothes Discarding skins. Philosophy was a morning class. Homework done in bottles consumed between midnight and 3am phone calls. Your skin glowed in mauve greys — laugh that reminded me of black things that sparkle. I left my windows open once, in Vancouver winter […]

once upon

and i saw you: fingers twisting your t-shirt, longboard by the door, with one foot in. always one foot in. you could’ve asked for the world i would’ve given you anything. everything. instead, you chose my smile, with a sad goodbye and too sweet kiss, you gave me life. it took me years to understand that […]


I thought I wanted To be a Poet Well, now I have A collection of Words Potentate  — Sultana  — — Paladin. Impotent, Dried up Pruned. Sovereign regret buried In halcyon rage Weaving depictions Into metaphors devoid. Harlequin  — Emissary  — — Slave. I thought I accrued A collection of Words In my haste to succeed I found a […]

Lessons of Summer 2014

Who we are changes, with each season that passes: we realize that Time doesn’t “fix” things, it just distracts you. We realize that every beginning has an end, and we realize that as human beings; we’re adept at adapting. I was always good with words. Twisting them to suit my purposes, letting the nuances of […]

13 Lessons from 2013 for 2014

January 2014 brings with it a daunting kind of freedom. Here’s a whole new year for you to fuck up or not fuck up (really, I’ve learnt, it’s a matter of perspective, oh, and actual actions.)Here are 13 lessons I’ve learnt from 2013 to try and help guide me through this coming year.  1. Family is […]