for when you’re sad and foggy

Today’s post might be a little sad… so here’s fair warning: skip past the italics to go straight to the good stuff. When you’ve been told your whole life that you’re bigger than something, it tends to become a truth deeply rooted in your psyche. Millennials, especially, who’ve grown up constantly being bombarded with the […]

Cafe Etiquettes: 11 Tips from Behind the Counter

Hipster baristas and indie cafes as a general rule, are scary places. From the intimidating menus with hard-to-pronounce beverages and lack of descriptors to the blasé, nonchalant attitudes of the behind-counter personas, it can be a daunting experience… The first time I entered a “hipster cafe”, I was a broke undergrad and it was the […]

Coffee Blues: The “Americano” Daze

I’m a coffee person. I like my cold-brews and my soy lattes. I like a barista who knows the difference between a latte macchiato and a piccolo latte. I lean towards 100% arabica instead of a 20/80 blend. I like my espresso extraction timed at 23 seconds, and yes, I am that annoying customer who […]

Post-Summer Blues & Pre-Christmas Cheers

I love fall. I love the changing colours of leaves: burning reds and garish yellows, pumpkin oranges and earthy greens. I love the stinging of cool wind against warm cheeks, the transitional sweater weather that brings about boots and scarves and hot chocolate. Creamy, warm pies and comfortable casseroles complimented by a glass of intense […]

Lessons of Summer 2014

Who we are changes, with each season that passes: we realize that Time doesn’t “fix” things, it just distracts you. We realize that every beginning has an end, and we realize that as human beings; we’re adept at adapting. I was always good with words. Twisting them to suit my purposes, letting the nuances of […]