until U becomes an US again

I can feel the remainders of you slip from my fingers. It’s funny, and sad, and awkward all at the same time when you realize that the saddest part about breaking up with someone is that all the information you’ve gathered about them, becomes useless. That when they leave, the part that they rip from […]


Hey guys! It’s Chinese New Year again!! Back home (in Singapore), this would mean being able to wear new clothes, going out to visit relatives I haven’t seen in a while, wishing them luck by greeting the elders with mandarin oranges and getting red packets (full of money) in return! Also, eating delicious traditional snacks, […]

explanation of the law SOPA

Normally, I’m a one-post-a-day person, but this is something that’s heavy and highly relevant and so I’m posting it up. Yesterday, I couldn’t access Wikipedia because every time I did, a black page popped up and tried to tell me about SOPA. What is SOPA? I didn’t find out until I went onto FaceBook. Not […]

high school never ends. uh-oh

Dear “nerds”, Just because you’re unpopular in high school doesn’t mean I’m going to have to work for you. Sincerely, quarterback with a 4.0 GPA. (dearblankpleaseblank.com)  I’m sorry. I just find it awfully funny how it’s so easy for us, as humans, to stereotype people. When you think about it, all the Hollywood cliches portray […]