and maybe you don’t need anyone. (a poem)

after a while you realize thatthought catalogonly catalogsthe same thoughtsover and over againso you stop submittingand you stop readingbecause after a whileyou learnĀ that it doesn’t matter. after a while you realize thatthe sweater you loved (just) yesterdayis a sweater you only feelquite so-so aboutand so you discard it,without any explanation,andĀ even though it wasthrough no fault […]

dec 6 is a thursday

When they told me I was bipolar, I didn’t understand. I mean, I knew about mania. Everyone who’s worth reading in the hipster scene that I so desperately want to be a part of has mania, so that, I knew. And I knew about depression because everyone who wants to be a writer is “depressed”. […]