a hundred days of happiness: day 20 – cold weather, good reads, and a post that matches my age!

This is what my universe looks like today.

pretty amazing, huh?

Today, it’s a cool 23degrees and sunny. Blue skies on the horizon, and looming up ahead, is a long, long public holiday. Today, life couldn’t get any better, and my excitement is bubbling out and for once, i’m so, so, so content! 

my favourite things in life are a cup of black coffee, the way Jethros does it, and a good, good read!

nothing better in life than Jethros!

Today, my good, good read is a funny, funny ThoughtCatalog article that really, really made my already good mood even better. GO READ!
A Beginner’s Guide To Coffee Shops That Aren’t Starbucks
Read more at http://thoughtcatalog.com/2012/a-beginners-guide-to-coffee-shops-that-arent-starbucks/#pIToYSSrtUosw06Z.99

because good ol’ sarcasm is always awesome enough to make anyone’s day.

so today, i am ecstatic.
oh! and lookie here, it’s the end of September.

danny says November is Suicide Season. i googled that and… that shite’s pretty intense. i never understood why people post stuff like this before, but here’s a fervent hope this time:

and with that, i bid you adieu!

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