Love & Other Short Stories

It’s not that I can’t love you anymore, it’s that I don’t want to. The days trickled into years, unravelling the tapestry of our limbs Casual snippets snipping — snapping — the last threads of us. The future looms, as it does, as it always will. Your tender eyes were a dropped stitch weaving tales of fantasy and love. I guess you wanted a Princess, or some […]


An abecedarian poem. source All my life, I’ve Battled with the Consequences of being an only Daughter. Taught to stay silent, Eclipsed by emotions For a son, constantly belittled. Going through the motions, I ran, Heart pounding, head hurting, Intentionally sidelined, constantly Just shunted and told to Keep it all in. Let it all go, like My […]


Damp coldness blows by with the scent of wildflowers dragging up pieces of past with that single scent i remember blueberries, tossed high into the air, falling gracefully into open mouths, caught. The feeling is stuck inside my chest where the helplessness lies and my breath catches hard swallows won’t dislodge that panicked loneliness: swells […]

Day to Day Variables

loneliness descends like a moth fluttering in the hollows where light breathes and devours all shards of self esteem is a treacherous slope sliding backwards hands grasping only emptiness fingers tighten desperation fluttering against the torrent of cresting emotions varying daily the subtlety of trying the audacity of caring the implicitness of simply being i […]


A cinquain chain it came out of nowhere a dying need to be that flared for a second before fading fading exhaustion drips from souls: wearied, pushing for some semblance of normalcy retained retained like the feel of memory words dripping venomous tears, passionate pain, some form. some form of love and art disguised as a price for consolations […]


I wanted to miss you with words but my body rebelled. Your ghost fingers triggered murmurs and mirages heated flesh and goosebumps that belied truth. You sank your teeth into the hollows where my neck flowed into collarbones and quick tongue darting soothed the pain. I wish heartbreak came with a manual, easily overcome like […]


An echo verse The night came in shades, fades into brilliant storms, forms pieces of us past the bed that creaks, ekes a space in my heart, dart past the lines in sand, bend genuflections from the waist faced with memories of grace, place your hand upon mine, find your place in my heart, art […]


You were not mine, but you were my favourite person. We shared secrets and futures and traded long talks for long distances as Life took us in different directions Somehow, we managed and somehow, I believed you were a fixture, permanently glued in my periphery and my heart. Superglue meant forever and you with your gifts […]