a hundred days of happiness: day 21 – ecstaticness and Sunday Bests!

i know it’s a somewhat trivial thing to be mucho excited about, but lately, i’ve hit 50 likes on my posts and like 15 followers and i’m so, so, so ecstatic! it’s insane how happy this makes me.


see! i wasn’t lying!
anyways. moving on, i just wanted to let you know that this truly means so, so, soooo much to me. like you have no idea. it’s extremely gratifying, i think, to know that your words are being read, and that strangers you’ve never met care enough to follow you. it’s just incredible. so thank you even though no amount of any type of gratitude could ever fully express how i feel right at this moment.

it’s Sunday over here right now, and the world is a mess of train schedules and people and traffic because it’s a major public holiday here in China. the air is amazing, and the moon at night, even more so. i’ve never seen the moon so full before, and that leads me to a funny story J told me the other day.

even though i know it’s a joke, some little superstitious part of me believes it true. i have no idea why. maybe i’m just a little bit childish like that.
but anyways, on to the story.

in a lot of myths, the time of the full moon is usually when people start going a little crazy. in science, we learn that the tides are affected by the phases of the moon, and what is the human body made up of? that’s right. water! so, naturally, when the moon is full, we’ll be affected, right?
OK. it was a fun little story. i liked it. it made my day.

i apologize for my rambling these couple of posts. i’ve been a little weird lately in the head, and i mean that in the nicest way possible, even to myself. actually… to myself, i sound like i’m bordering between jerk and neurotic, so i don’t quite know. i’m trying to express myself fully, but my head is swimming and my nose is leaking.

that’s right, i’m down for the count with a flu.
time to get my jammies on and eat tonnes of homemade banana ice cream and drink steaming mugs of chicken soup and watch teenage mutant ninja turtles.
in other words, i’m gonna get my cuddle on. with my blankie.

yea, i probably really need a life, but the only life i’m dreaming of right now is a comfy, down-filled one!

today, i am happy.

in other news, A and I got super drunk last Thursday. i know, i know, we’re rebels. in our defence, or mine really, i had no idea we downed a jug of sangria and polished off 3 bottles of white wine.
it makes me happy to say though, that despite the hangover, you know you’re in a good place in your life when you wake up with absolutely no memories of the night before, but, and here’s the crucial part, when you check your phone, you didn’t
a) drunk call or
b) drunk text your ex.

so, i am very, very, very happy.
and today, my Sunday Best is at work (that’s right!) and wearing my favourite RVCA hoodie.
maybe my mood is affected by the weather?
regardless, cold weather makes me happy. i crave tacos and burritos, but my throat is a little sore. today, i am a bubbly mess of confusion, but i firmly believe in not messing with a good thing, so i’m just going to end this rant now, and continue on with work where



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