A Motion Poem

It seems you struggle your whole life just for that one minute of pure ecstatic bliss before building up to a warm high you call that Life. I call it a psycho-schematic dream of realizing unwanted-ism. (Philosophy becomes simplified within short poems that hold absolutely no meaning.) Lust summer we tore down barriers that made […]

here’s to trying (a poem)

‘you seem busy’  your sadness trandscendsmsn screensand i feel your pain,darling. But you said ‘move on’in so many words,so i did – or amtrying two you called metemperamental once, and seemedafraid of mymoodiness:you keep telling meyou’re not in lovewith me? I’m trying. You’re calling meand beggingfor help, but with help,comes unwantedaffections. Fatal attractions You did […]

my name is Charlotte (a poem)

Your words glistenand the stars dull in comparisonto the honey that flowsfrom your Elven lips. I sigh. Trembling in anticipationfor a single glancea little smilesmirk anything to disprove the horrid notion ofunrequited love. I was rewarded. You lifted me up and spun meround and round with your warm wordsand golden smilesand your eyes Drowning in […]

Feminine Ideals ( a poem)

You called my name and I recoiled,sprungI touched your face and tried to touch your heart, to no avail. School dictates that I trymy bestto finish exams withflying colors. I never quite understoodhow colors could fly without wings. It irks me thatfrom an early age,we’re taught to differentiatebetween genders. Blue for boysand pink for girls. […]

maybe i’ll disappear

i’m an imaginer. i’m not sure if that’s a word, but i’m using it anyway. i’m one of those people who imagine scenarios and act it out. i have whispered conversations with myself when i’m alone. i give myself pep talks into the mirror and pretend i’m starring in a movie of my life… that’s […]

this poem unrhymed

the brightness consumes me. i wake up in a flurry of blinkstrying to adjust to empty silenceas the city wakesand i’m left breathless cold with the realization thati’m aloneand maybe that’s ok. some days, the empty engulfs meand i drown in a sea of lonelyburning in the bright heat of heartbreakbut the ache wanes as […]