the Fall.

I wrote a love song to cicadas once on the wings of an airplane let the clouds take my wishes and swallowed my breath kept it hidden in ink covered sheets letting them drown in serenity. In the quiet down, I recovered the leftover footprints blown across continents sand trapped glassware carrying imprints in William […]

why can’t we seem to keep it together?

The dreams come; carrying with them absolute and utter depression. In my dreams, I am alone. Stumbling wildly drunk. I remember long phone calls and private jokes and whispers inked into skin. Once upon a time, I was the happy shiny girl who had everything, but there is much to be said about material possessions […]

i am poet, hear me roar!

“easy to read” is whatthey call my worksbecause words are worse for wear;strung together don’tautomatically become poetry. “easy” has been a callingsince the dawn of timethe oldest profession, survivedit must have it’s own reasons.i call trigger ready fingersnimbly dancing over the flames of ethos burning firethe works of lepers leaping one over the otherbuilding strategies tillthe buildings […]

three stanzas

i want to write the world in three stanzas the heartache of beginnings and the faithlessness of regretstempered by the bitter endings of faded drawingscollecting dust in their shoestring liveswith words strung together to create pretty designsmeaningless in their attempts at panache to rightthe voices of a thousand echoing shattered love songs we wrote poemsonceand […]


it’s hard to reconcilewhat once was and what iswith the boy who used to bemy moral compass. everything’s changing nowand all that remains throughthis pretence of friendship are theechoes of platitudes. we traded the quiet optimism ofthat boy and girl on the squeaky swing setfor the snide remarks of“growing up”; a lifeless dance to the […]

b i r t h d a y s

   t w e n t y .that’s the amount of paini have to write through.twenty years worth of poetrytrappedin a fast-decaying body.   n i n e t e e n .midnight escapades,watching streetlights from the roofperilously winding roadsand a sign saying “to hell” and “to heaven”pulling warmth into my skin:forever a perfect summer – Tofino. […]