things i never understood, and my attempts at sarcasm to cover sadness.

1. fell in love with a random stranger. everyone starts out strangers. but you meet someone, and the universe aligns for the moment, and it’s stars and whispers and late night calls and fun sex and drunken make-outs and holding parts that aren’t hands, and nobody really falls in love. we just call it that […]

and still we dream

we build paths because we’re afraid of being left, so we take our routes and go, embarking towards some Great Perhaps thinking that the adventure will be better.  but it rarely is.because the adventure is right here, inside, and not “out there” in the unseen beyond.  funny things; words. i’ve always wondered about roots (and […]

waiting for the ice cream man

i want to have conversation so good, it makes my toes curl. i want to dirty dance deliriously with alliteration and run my fingers through the silent sibilants of words unsaid. i want to curl up in accents; listening hard for the nuances in languages, in the lilts of voices and the drops in sounds. […]

lessons learnt from pillow talks

i hate that feeling of waking up next to someone. the Sunday after Saturday night. I hate how it feels like the magic is still there and it’s still alive, and you have one last really cool conversation, but then you leave because you have to leave but all you can think about is him, and […]

what life sometimes means.

sometimes you wake up with a smile on your face. sometimes, you don’t.  it doesn’t make you any less happy or any more depressed. it doesn’t make you anything. it’s like the stupid optimism litmus test. there is nothing philosophical about a glass being half full or half empty. there is just the simple matter […]

the things i used to like, i don’t like anymore. i want a lot of other things i never did before.

i’m not a very open person.  there are parts of me that i think you have to earn the rights to find out. there are parts of me that i hide away, even from the people who have the ability to break me. i am not an open book, or at least, that’s what i’ve […]

the myriad reasons why i’m OK. and the truth.

i can smile now. like actually, physically hurt from smiling.  i haven’t felt like this in such a long time; this high, and i know i wrote about lows, but life is a constant battle to get uphill, and i’m running, running, running, and for the first time, i feel like maybe i’m arriving. i […]

Life According to Elizabeth Wurtzel

“To get through every day, through a job of staring at pencil marks in spreadsheets through glassy eyes, through humoring a husband who has not sold a screenplay in six years and is writing a new one still, through telling everybody your three basic children are talented and gifted—I know that people who do these […]