seeing this city through new eyes

i’ve always been terrified of cycling. it was a running joke actually, how i was incapable of not getting hurt every time my friends and i went cycling in vancouver. so, naturally, i was terrified of the idea of cycling in this mad city where signals meant absolutely nothing and right of way was reserved […]

why can’t we seem to keep it together?

The dreams come; carrying with them absolute and utter depression. In my dreams, I am alone. Stumbling wildly drunk. I remember long phone calls and private jokes and whispers inked into skin. Once upon a time, I was the happy shiny girl who had everything, but there is much to be said about material possessions […]

I Don’t Know You Anymore.

You were there for my 20th birthday, even though you didn’t have to be and I loved you for it. Loved you because you were having your midterms and had to study, and still you let me talk you into showing up because goddamn was I lonely, and needed somebody and you were my best […]

To you.

I thought I would feel better after deleting you from my life. I don’t. I thought I needed closure. I didn’t.   There will always be the million insecurities you left behind. There will always be the hurt from knowing that I wasn’t enough for you; that despite being your first and everything, I wasn’t […]