Conflicting emotions.

Is she prettier than me?Smarter than me?Skinnier than me?Funnier than me? Is she better in bed? Is she sweeter? More girly? Do our friends like her the way they liked me? Is she one of them now? Have you introduced her to your mom? Does she snowboard with you? Did you know her when we […]

I’m sorry I couldn’t reply.

When we broke up, I wrote you a long ass letter. A letter full of cliches and funnies and me trying to make light of you breaking my heart. The night I left, you held me in your arms for one last time and danced with me. The perfect everything I wanted. You held me as […]

accidentally in love?

how do you know when it’s love? is it from the quickening of heartbeats? skin tingling as his fingers brush yours? the desperate yearning to constantly be talking to this person? the idea of what we could be? the dream of what it is?  how do i know it’s love? as i embrace this new […]

ceci n’est pas une

i wanted the rains to pour for meto wash away the insecurities upon this blackened soul;but the sun burnt bright and all i thought wasfirst world problems.  i ran when i should’ve stayed andstayed when i should’ve ran andblamed the son for the daughter’s plight:lesson consider learnt. you wouldn’t ask because you knew more than i […]

we could pretend like there’s no world outside

our worlds pass in blinks of colour, interspersed with lines of black. ink upon skin; the way your drawing lingers. memories.  today, you wrote me a flurry of texts and i couldn’t respond.  the callousness of our souls is a dramatic reminder of what we once had. you and i are on par. he was, she […]

there was magic in my grandmother’s house, when i was barely a child

memory:i am four and we’re all being put to bed in the humid heat of grandma’s house. there are five of us and she’s fanning us all to sleep. i’ve got my little slippers on and i remember vaguely crying about not wanting to take them off.  memory:we’re building sandcastles by the sea and grandma […]

june 11. 2013: to the boy i loved, and the man he’s become

i loved you in a way that i can never love again.  despite the boys who have tried taking your place. i loved you with a single hearted determination that scared me. loved you with all that i ever thought i would be capable of and more. loved you with a passion that surpasses all […]