Closure: Six Years Later

We met again in a foreign land, Foreign like his name upon my lips, The sight of his hair, his eyes, his face Both familiar and other. The six years that stretched were etched Upon the way he carried himself, Posture confident, awkward smile in place. You never think you’ll run into your first love, […]

Cafe Etiquettes: 11 Tips from Behind the Counter

Hipster baristas and indie cafes as a general rule, are scary places. From the intimidating menus with hard-to-pronounce beverages and lack of descriptors to the blasé, nonchalant attitudes of the behind-counter personas, it can be a daunting experience… The first time I entered a “hipster cafe”, I was a broke undergrad and it was the […]

13 Lessons from 2013 for 2014

January 2014 brings with it a daunting kind of freedom. Here’s a whole new year for you to fuck up or not fuck up (really, I’ve learnt, it’s a matter of perspective, oh, and actual actions.)Here are 13 lessons I’ve learnt from 2013 to try and help guide me through this coming year.  1. Family is […]