Day to Day Variables

loneliness descends like a moth fluttering in the hollows where light breathes and devours all shards of self esteem is a treacherous slope sliding backwards hands grasping only emptiness fingers tighten desperation fluttering against the torrent of cresting emotions varying daily the subtlety of trying the audacity of caring the implicitness of simply being i […]

Niagara Falls.

He says he wants life, while hiding in a cave Allegories glittering. I stumble. Over answers, tongue ready to inject fuel into a conversation that was never meant to be anything other than me, conveying my point. My glorious point. What of stars and dreams and y’know… other things? My point was never meant for […]

Grandma grandma, why are your teeth so big?

Strange Iron fascination Wrought silver Wreaths Wraiths Writhes Withering. Sum odd years Fleeting chemistry Alchemic equations Lightning rods Fascinating Emulating Indifferent. Immobile Amber eyes Ember salves Tinder selves Absence Essence Abstract. Word art In formation Information Strangely insignificant In significance Tender lambs Slaughtering wolves.   They say little girls grow up too soon on fairytales […]

Knock knock, who’s there?

So I’ve always wanted to do A poetry reading like A standup comedy act – Cue the laughter – There’s just always been Something so beatnik In the pauses and silence, Where you can hear the almost Not quite imaginary cymbals clash, That moment heavy With anticipation, tense preparation – The spitting of water – […]