How To Live In A Heartbreak Ghost Town

Thought Catalog

There are streets my friends and I do not walk down when we are together, possibly because of taboo or superstition or because we are all of us chronic overthinkers, but it’s better to freak out among people you know and love than let it all stifle down. There are street corners we do not pause on, coffee shops we avoid, restaurants we once ate at but don’t anymore. These streets are off limits depending which friends we are each with; we know that there are certain parts of the Upper West Side I’d like to avoid like the plague, another friend hates Chelsea, another TriBeCa, and so on.

It’s because those street corners are where an ex once kissed one of us, that restaurant was a date-night regular for another, and most importantly, that street is where someone — an ex, an almost, a particularly cringe-worthy date or one-night-stand, or…

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