How Lovely it would be, to Remember You

It’s mid-november again,
Auburn stars falling around me
And I imagine you wrapped in your scarf,
The one that took me forever to knit,
The one that didn’t come out quite right.

I know things have changed,
They’ve been changed for a long time.
Three years too far, two continents too long…
Your scent is a memory of a memory,
Your smile; the debris in my suitcase.

I’ve made resolutions and I’ve let them go,
The way water swirls into the drain,
Sewage spewing out guts and tears;
City lies that eclipse stranded lives;
Strangers inhabiting bodies with familiar faces.

How lovely it would be to remember you,
Cinnamon spiced and London fog.
Weed smoke tendrils curling through warm-gold air.
Sinfire flavoured hair.
I chopped mine off and discovered lipstick.

You mentioned in your last letter,
How much you loved her, and how much she
Reminded you of me.
Especially her eyes.
The way I used to line mine.

I dug through old photos to try and find her.
White smile and snug t-shirts;
Wrapped in your arms, curled around your fingers.
I took a drag of my cigarette and thought;
How lovely it would be, to remember you.

(written Nov. 14, 2015)


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