I miss Neopets

poignant realization that i really ought to keep up with new writing/publishing platforms… this was the hurried result.

Call me “old school” that I still use
DeviantArt and WordPress and occasionally,
(accept that I still call it Blogspot).
I like the fact that it contains
The genesis of my musings.

See, I’ve been a member on dA for 10 years,
Blogger since 2 thousand fucking 5
And have accrued over a thousand posts.
So spare me your new mediums of
thought, mine have been catalogued easily
A decade worth of prose and poetry.

So call me “old school” because I am
Practically a vet. I like
The comfortable user faces, the
Easy contact and genuine presents
Of talking to writers I’ve known,
Followed and admired for years.


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