Love and Other Stories

I did my first public poetry reading a couple weeks ago. It was simultaneously the most exciting, liberating and nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done. I’ve spoken in public forums, hosted investor meetings with men twice my age without blinking an eye. Yet this, reading a poem in public to a room of strangers was the scariest thing I’ve ever […]


Perspective. It’s such a funny thing… I moved to Shanghai at 20, a sullen, depressed enigma. Threw myself into partying, threw myself into working, afraid of sleep. I used to go days on 2 hours of napping, afraid of crashing, afraid of the silence and the dreams. Oh, how things have changed in a few […]

Ramblings from my Rooftop

i knew who i was at 13 when my solitude poured ink onto paper magic words that kept manic monsters at bay. olive skinned and bright smiles wanting but never yearning. he said i had a spark that drew the bees in droves with a barely there smirk that kept them trying. i knew i […]

To you.

I thought I would feel better after deleting you from my life. I don’t. I thought I needed closure. I didn’t.   There will always be the million insecurities you left behind. There will always be the hurt from knowing that I wasn’t enough for you; that despite being your first and everything, I wasn’t […]

I’m sorry I couldn’t reply.

When we broke up, I wrote you a long ass letter. A letter full of cliches and funnies and me trying to make light of you breaking my heart. The night I left, you held me in your arms for one last time and danced with me. The perfect everything I wanted. You held me as […]

all the things we used to be

Isn’t it funny, how the people who pass through your life, the people you loved, leave a part of themselves ingrained within you?  I used to love chocolate, until I fell in love with a him who didn’t, and stupidly, I said I hated it too, just so we’ll have something in common. In a […]

how to be the sort of person someone could love

i never saw you coming.and i’ll never be the same.but this life is waitingand i’m wild with longingthis is a real escapeand maybe this is fatei’m in a falling agefalling from my faithless stage i want to settle down into the pages of a book and disappear into the ink so that my life is […]