Ramblings from my Rooftop

i knew who i was at 13 when my solitude poured ink onto paper magic words that kept manic monsters at bay. olive skinned and bright smiles wanting but never yearning. he said i had a spark that drew the bees in droves with a barely there smirk that kept them trying. i knew i […]

a recipe a day: The Litchi Sally

Part of why I love what I do so much is because I get to drink… A lot. The creative process is hard, and before you pass too harsh a judgement, I’m not entirely an alcoholic. I just like to drink. OK, that’s a lie. I love drinking, and I love this drink. Why? Let […]

while you were sleeping: the best Irish Coffee recipe

It’s a bittersweet memory, an odd snippet of my past, without any context, but it fills me with a strange longing, a strange belonging and it beckons. The memory is this: two teenagers, sitting on brownstone steps, hands stuffed into pockets in a desperate attempt to keep warm. Beanies pulled low, noses cold, and a […]

December Pick Me Up: The Chocoholic

In lieu of resolutions, I give you recipes. OK, one recipe. The recipe that combines the best of both worlds: alcohol AND hot chocolate. That’s right. I call it, The Chocoholic. What you will need: Hot Chocolate (you can use sachet or made from scratch, it’s up to you. I personally, use PURO hot chocolate. […]

Post-Summer Blues & Pre-Christmas Cheers

I love fall. I love the changing colours of leaves: burning reds and garish yellows, pumpkin oranges and earthy greens. I love the stinging of cool wind against warm cheeks, the transitional sweater weather that brings about boots and scarves and hot chocolate. Creamy, warm pies and comfortable casseroles complimented by a glass of intense […]