for when you’re sad and foggy

Today’s post might be a little sad… so here’s fair warning: skip past the italics to go straight to the good stuff.

When you’ve been told your whole life that you’re bigger than something, it tends to become a truth deeply rooted in your psyche. Millennials, especially, who’ve grown up constantly being bombarded with the idea that we’re too big for this small town, that we’re capable of being whatever we want to be… this becomes a personal truth.

It’s no wonder we’re lost and searching, why we’re constantly moving on to the next best thing. It isn’t because we’re flaky or immature, it’s because we don’t know how to stop. Because we don’t know how to be anything other than “the best”. Rationally, we might know that we can’t all possibly be, but nobody’s told us what happens when you reach that realization.
What happens when you realize that the city you’re living in is bigger than you?

So we search on because we don’t know how to stop, and we spiral because we’re all extremes. Or maybe it’s the people around us; the bright, shiny, whole people who know what they want and go full steam ahead.
The people who have discovered the secret to success: it’s knowing who you want to be and actually working towards it.

So for those days, when you’re a little sad and lonely, here’s a little non-alcoholic treat to chase the blues away, to aid in self-reflection, to allow you to arrive at your own understanding, and if not that, then maybe just a tasty little respite.



The first time I tried a London fog, it was a foggy (ha! Get it?) day in Vancouver. Skies were grey and it was cold as was wont to happen during winter. I didn’t want coffee, which was a shocker. I don’t remember why I went for it instead, maybe it was the name, maybe it was the mood I was in, but try it I did, and boy was I blown away.

After moving out of Vancouver, I searched long and hard for that drink. I even googled it at one point, apparently it’s the Starbucks Chai Tea Latte? Not entirely sure, couldn’t find it in China at any rate.
Lucky me though, I own a café. So, working my incredibly lazy magic, here’s a London Fog for those of you who own a steam wand, and those of you who don’t.

Milk (for those with a steam wand)
Whipped Cream (for those without a steam wand or access to a steam wand)
Vanilla Syrup/Vanilla Pod/Vanilla Extract
Earl Grey Tea Bag

For those of you using vanilla syrup, I highly recommend MONIN, as it’s the most easily available + of all the syrups I’ve tasted, it’s got the nicest, most vanilla-y taste without being overly sweet.
I generally use 2 pumps, which translates to about ½ a shot in a proper shot glass, but this is to your taste. For those who crave sweeter, use more, for those who don’t entirely like sweet stuff, use vanilla extract/vanilla pod instead.

Anyway, moving on…
Put the vanilla into a glass of milk.

With steam wand:
Steam until frothy. Pour over Earl Grey.

Without steam wand:
Steep a bag of earl grey in a cup of hot water about ¾ full.
Take the whipped cream and put about 2 tablespoons of it in.
Stir and enjoy.


I’ve found that the whipped cream when “dissolved” in the water gives about the same consistency as steamed milk.
Bonus points if you use hand whipped cream instead of straight from the can.
VERY IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: if you’re using cool whip or any other from the can whipped cream, I strongly suggest that you use vanilla extract or a vanilla pod instead of syrup as most pre-whipped creams contain sugar already. Unless death by sugar is your poison of choice… which sounds yum, actually.



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