I saw the shades that captured fae
fairytales that divided

Loss controlled
By hearts that devoured
Conquering flames
Like passion bridled
Past the point of consumption.

I was taught that good girls
Always smiled,
Knew better but never told
Never argued,
Never changed.

How could I have known
At 17 what was and wouldn’t be

Had to climb out of the preconceived
To see
The shades that ended
With one legged determination
Humping that stopped
Obligatory it was not

It took 24 years of shattering
To understand that I could be changeling
And Medusa,

Olympia — whatever I yearned
Didn’t need to be earned
Good girls are not
The ones who get caught
In some One’s net

Don’t need a ring on it for
some Circle of life metaphor.


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