this is the summer that will never come


Explosion by fussel2112 (on

Some say the world will end in fire
Some say in Ice


My mom will scoff if she ever reads this, but seeing as she’s in China right now and China has blocked wordpress, she won’t. And so I’m free to make mocking statements and send them out into the great public without expecting her scoffing in return.

Reasons why I believe the world might (quite possibly) end in 2012:

I live in Vancouver and during summer, I go back to Shanghai to visit my family. So
1. Shanghai in summer is usually hot and sticky and generally smoggy, but still, it’s expected to hit the high 30s and 40s (in degrees celsius) during summer. This summer? It was raining cats and dogs and was averaging 10-15degrees c.

2. There’s snow in Vancouver. It’s not snowing in Toronto. In fact, it’s sunny in Toronto! Weird? Uh… Yea. I think so.

3. It started snowing in New York in… what? September? If I’m not wrong? I know it was a freak occurrence thing, but still. Freaky.

4. The recent flood in Thailand.

OK… So… So far, my theory’s pretty far-fetched and vaguely loony-like, but hey. I don’t think I should be blamed when it feels and seems as though the weather is going insane!

Anyways. Moving away from my half-baked ideas, my mom says that only lazy people will believe in the whole “world ending in 2012” thing because they don’t want to have to plan for the future and it’s an easy escape.

I don’t think dissolving/exploding/imploding/disappearing into oblivion is an easy escape but then again, I do sort of agree with her “lazy people” idea. I am pretty lazy and maybe deep down, I’m secretly hoping the world will end just so I wouldn’t have to deal with university, picking out a major, deciding what I want to do with my life etc. etc.

Some days, it seems as though the rest of the world’s got it figured out, and I’m just the crazy-doomsday person trying to find reassurances in crazy weather patterns. Today seems to be one of those days.


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