As we go on, we’ll remember, all the times we, shared together

I thought it time to revisit Vitamin C and all the old 2000-2005 songs that we listened to in our “pre-teen” days. Goodness… Has it really been 7 years since I turned 13? Just… Wow.

You know what one of the greatest mysteries in life is? What makes a good friend.
So many people will tell you that friends come and go. All the Hallmark greeting cards and internet cliche quotes all spell the same thing, but you know, true friends, they last a lifetime. They’re people you don’t have to see very often to still be best friends with, and some of my best friends, are people I haven’t seen in over a year. They’re people I actually only meet once a year, and yet, they’re still high on my friends list. And then, there are the people I used to spend everyday of high school with, and where are we now? Barely strangers.

It’s weird how you can go from talking every day to being a non-existent dot on their map.

I wrote a poem a while back, I think it was in September of 2010, and it was about my “group” of “best friends”, and one of my poetry buddies actually commented and said that this was a piece he really loved and that it was “freaking amazing”, and so, I’ll just like to share this with you today. Mostly because I’m kind of lazy to elaborate on my thoughts, and also because I personally do think it’s a wonderful piece. Not to toot my own horn or anything.


The Playhouse Sits There Still
A poem by Charlotte Then (aka rebel-brat on

sometimes i wish time would come to a standstill.
it doesn’t. 

i’m alone looking at
dusty smiles and faded sunshine
with thoughts bordering near manic expression

she’s not that girl anymore and
neither am i
but sometimes i miss
just being.

life was easy in the year of the whenever
with startling moonlight we were
five kids in love with the great unknown
and laughing as we kicked soccer balls
around empty compounds
we were best friends then. 

i miss
the almost winter wind and your down jacket
the way you smiled and the ghost of the child that was 
still within you.
i miss the after effects of bland jokes that only we understood
the cheeky grins exchanged from across the room
and the fear of what the future might bring.

it’s been four months since graduation.
two hundred days since we last hung
and three years since this picture was taken.
i’ll say i miss you but that’s a lie

who i miss are the kids we thought we were.


Alright, so it’s a little bit depressing, but hey. That’s life. And I’m a “poet”, a “writer”, a self-professed Philosopher, and so I’m allowed to be a little bit depressing. After all, Great Art doesn’t come from blinding happiness, but from heart-shattering pain. Let the critics critique if they disagree with my words, I stand by my beliefs!

True friendship isn’t always about weathering hardships together. I think it’s a matter of good timing and simple acceptance. Best friends come and go, but true friends don’t need titles. They’re simply there. It could be a friend you met once at a seminar, or a person you’ve known your whole life. It’s not simply about chemistry and bonding, but more of a degree of permanence. Things in life that can be taken for granted are often also the things that are yours for life. I think that friendship is also like that.

It might seem extremely callous of me to say this, but I believe that when you’re truly friends with someone, it’s when you can take their presence in your life for granted. It’s when there’s no need to step on eggshells or constantly care about their feelings. It’s when you can tell them the truth with no repercussions, or fears of how they might take it. It’s when you can call them out of the blue after 3 years and simply “hang out”. It’s the person who’s there for you despite not having been a part of your life for ages, the person who’ll listen to you sob on the phone for hours and not ask questions you don’t want to answer.

True friends are hard to come by, but when you meet them, you know they’re yours for life. And that’s the magic of them. That’s the beauty of true friendship. Their permanence.

People change, and you may change, and I will change and things change, but there’s no need to “grow together” because growing up is a lonely deal. It’s not a shared experience. There may be experiences shared, but ultimately, it’s all dependant on you, and that’s what true friends are. People who grow apart, but never grow a p a r t.

Do you get the difference?

just a little food for thought…

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