explanation of the law SOPA

Normally, I’m a one-post-a-day person, but this is something that’s heavy and highly relevant and so I’m posting it up.

Yesterday, I couldn’t access Wikipedia because every time I did, a black page popped up and tried to tell me about SOPA. What is SOPA? I didn’t find out until I went onto FaceBook.

Not only FaceBook, but also some of my favourite websites, such as IYAMLOL, notalwaysright.com etc. etc. And so, I just wanted to share this video with you about what SOPA is, and what it means.

This is more than just an inconvenience that will go away in a day. This is more than just an infringement of privacy. This is worst than China blocking FaceBook or Twitter, or any other form of social media, because this could literally affect the whole world.

I am a huge believer in freedom of speech and freedom of knowledge. Man wasn’t created to control the distribution of knowledge, but rather to share with the rest of the world what he knows. We were born free, not born to be chained in shackles by “government”.

While I disagree with the illegal downloading of music, there are certain places where I have to draw the lines. I buy my music and videos off iTunes. I spend hundreds of dollars monthly because I believe that good TV shows and good music ought to be supported. But am I willing to dish out $12.99 to buy a Selena Gomez MP3? No. And this is where my line is drawn.

I go to YouTube to listen to that sort of music. Music that I (snobbishly) deem un-music. Their catchy tunes and lyrics flit through my mind and I listen to them whenever the fancy strikes me. But that doesn’t mean that I want to spend money on trifle crap. YouTube provided a place for me to listen to that for free. It’s akin to listening to the radio, isn’t it?

YouTube allows me to share videos with my friends. From what I understand of SOPA, next time, when I want to send a song to my friend, or quote an author, it’s an infringement of intellectual property. WHAAAAAT?!!

Men have been quoting each other since the dawn of time. We quote Shakespeare and Frost and Einstein on almost a daily basis. By SOPA’s definition, we’re all criminals then, aren’t we?

Maybe I’ve gotten it wrong, maybe I haven’t. This is still something that I find ridiculous. Something I might have expected from a communist government, but certainly not from the “Freedom State”. I’m sorry, this is just my personal opinion. But I digress.

My point was to share this video.


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