we build this Schmidty on tootsie rolls

Still of Max Greenfield in New Girl

Schmidt (Christmas Episode) taken off IMDB

Schmidt is AWESOME.

I’m a huge fan of Zooey Deschanel, so when New Girl first aired, I was bouncing for joy. To say I was disappointed would in itself, be a disappointment. Jess’ character was quirky, yes, but in a slightly ditzy, overly Indie way. Don’t get me wrong, Zooey Deschanel is an amazing actress, and her take on Jess is just fine, but it seems as though all New Girl is is just a play on Zooey Deschanel’s fame and quirkiness. In fact, her role as Summer was so much better, and waaaay more realistic.

The rest of the cast each brought their own style to the eclectic piece that is New Girl. Nick is borderline boring, with a very 80s male protagonist tone to his voice. Winston might as well not even be there. But Schmidt?

Oh Schmidt. Schmidt is awesome. He is beyond awesome. The “bro” of the group, he’s constantly saying these “douchey-esque” things. He’s not afraid of showing his feminine side, he’s a little bit insecure and it’s cute. His character has the most personality. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the only reason I watch New Girl, is for Schmidt.

The latest episode, in which Schmidt turns 29, he sings a song for himself about Tootsie Rolls.

Yes, yes, Jess sings a lot. But when Schmidt does it, it adds more depth to his character. It shows who he was in the past, and why he is who he is today. Schmidt’s character is the most likeable and most relatable because he has a past. Because he has this quirky energy that pulls you to him. He’s three dimensional in a way that the rest of the characters just simply aren’t.

We all know the story of the “fat kid” who turns “hot” and tries his best to fit in with his fraternity brothers, and this is Schmidt in essence. But he’s so much more than just the stereotypical “fat kid turned hot”. Despite all that he’s done or that he’s got going on for him, Schmidt seems to be the perpetual “loser”. Getting bossed around and trampled on in his workplace, having to abide by Nick and Winston and Jess’ laws at home. Schmidt is an awesome character because he makes you feel for him.

This isn’t to say that the rest of the cast are boring. In fact, I think it’s a great cast. The actors are all incredibly talented. But for a show capitalizing solely on the weirdness of Zooey Deschanel, I think they could have gone a more “mainstream” and less “Indie”-fied way. It feels as though the writers are serving two masters. They’re trying to please the audiences while trying to still be quirky and out of the box and it just comes across as plain stupid at times. In fact, Schmidt is the only redeeming character who balances out the entire show and leaves me looking forward to next week’s adventures.

But you know, it’s a little unfair for me to leave it like this. As the show develops, the rest of the cast really do come into their own. Jess’ party bus for Schmidt in Tuesday’s episode was super cool. And Nick trying to impress his new date? Cute. A lot of their characters are beginning to come out and it’s a pretty impressive effort on the writers’ parts. We’ll just have to see what keeps happening and hope that the new developments will continue pushing the show forward because New Girl really is one of the highlights of my week now.

In any case…

Schmidt. Is. Awesome.


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