You were not mine, but you were my favourite person. We shared secrets and futures and traded long talks for long distances as Life took us in different directions Somehow, we managed and somehow, I believed you were a fixture, permanently glued in my periphery and my heart. Superglue meant forever and you with your gifts […]

I’m sorry I couldn’t reply.

When we broke up, I wrote you a long ass letter. A letter full of cliches and funnies and me trying to make light of you breaking my heart. The night I left, you held me in your arms for one last time and danced with me. The perfect everything I wanted. You held me as […]

On Fleeting Emotions

Sometimes, the depression hits hard, and I’m left breathless by the abruptness of it. Sometimes, it moves sluggishly through my veins; like poison, the numbness spreads, and I’m powerless to stop it. Breathless from the utter empty I feel. Gasping to try and fill any part of me with any semblance of anything I can. […]

things i never understood, and my attempts at sarcasm to cover sadness.

1. fell in love with a random stranger. everyone starts out strangers. but you meet someone, and the universe aligns for the moment, and it’s stars and whispers and late night calls and fun sex and drunken make-outs and holding parts that aren’t hands, and nobody really falls in love. we just call it that […]