accidentally in love?

how do you know when it’s love? is it from the quickening of heartbeats? skin tingling as his fingers brush yours? the desperate yearning to constantly be talking to this person? the idea of what we could be? the dream of what it is?  how do i know it’s love? as i embrace this new […]

On Fleeting Emotions

Sometimes, the depression hits hard, and I’m left breathless by the abruptness of it. Sometimes, it moves sluggishly through my veins; like poison, the numbness spreads, and I’m powerless to stop it. Breathless from the utter empty I feel. Gasping to try and fill any part of me with any semblance of anything I can. […]

righting – a poem

i will let you goeven as i feel the burn in my lungsi will breathe you outand you will disappearas smoke always doesinto the horizon.  i will dance away the sadnessin the time-honoredold fashioned way ofdrinking away your sorrowsand i’ll wake up hollowbut happy. i will breathe the whiskeylike i down the smokeso that my […]