I’m sorry I couldn’t reply.

When we broke up, I wrote you a long ass letter. A letter full of cliches and funnies and me trying to make light of you breaking my heart. The night I left, you held me in your arms for one last time and danced with me. The perfect everything I wanted. You held me as […]

accidentally in love?

how do you know when it’s love? is it from the quickening of heartbeats? skin tingling as his fingers brush yours? the desperate yearning to constantly be talking to this person? the idea of what we could be? the dream of what it is?  how do i know it’s love? as i embrace this new […]

we could pretend like there’s no world outside

our worlds pass in blinks of colour, interspersed with lines of black. ink upon skin; the way your drawing lingers. memories.  today, you wrote me a flurry of texts and i couldn’t respond.  the callousness of our souls is a dramatic reminder of what we once had. you and i are on par. he was, she […]

the myriad reasons why i’m OK. and the truth.

i can smile now. like actually, physically hurt from smiling.  i haven’t felt like this in such a long time; this high, and i know i wrote about lows, but life is a constant battle to get uphill, and i’m running, running, running, and for the first time, i feel like maybe i’m arriving. i […]

you can’t wait around for an idea. he disappoints.

“For a time, he had meddled, even peddled, looking for the light in his own eyes. But never enough was it, just as well, in his own mind, for the brand of fire which he desired was the sort a man might chase until he dies, and even at the gates of Hell, never find.” […]