lessons learnt from pillow talks

i hate that feeling of waking up next to someone. the Sunday after Saturday night. I hate how it feels like the magic is still there and it’s still alive, and you have one last really cool conversation, but then you leave because you have to leave but all you can think about is him, and […]

the myriad reasons why i’m OK. and the truth.

i can smile now. like actually, physically hurt from smiling.  i haven’t felt like this in such a long time; this high, and i know i wrote about lows, but life is a constant battle to get uphill, and i’m running, running, running, and for the first time, i feel like maybe i’m arriving. i […]

a hundred days of happiness: day 3 – anger, frustration, life.

it’s 10AM, i’ve braved the rush hour crowd of a literal sea of people through the winding maze that is Shanghai’s subway system. i’ve managed to hem in my frustration with China and all the shortcomings when i compare it to home. i’ve tried to curb the longing for fresh air and wide spaces, being […]