You were not mine,
but you were my

We shared secrets
and futures and traded
long talks for long distances
as Life took us
in different directions

Somehow, we managed
and somehow, I believed
you were a fixture,
permanently glued
in my periphery
and my heart.

Superglue meant
forever and you
with your gifts of puzzle pieces
that I painstakingly pieced
together, 100 jigsaw places
forming us,
was a given.

The years, they drifted
blowing hot and cold
and long silences that
never remained silent
drew me
into a false lull

somehow, the glue crusted
and we began crumbling,
long before I took notice
and long after you’d
given up.

We used to ring
the new year in, literally,
without fail, your voice
lit up with fireworks
from whichever mountain
you were skiing down
or beach you were
lazing on.

We’d count
down the beers
and talk
numbers that only drew
us closer to

this year,
you gifted me
with silence and I
took all you had given
and let you go.

You were never mine
but you were my


This piece first appeared on Medium, published by Poets Unlimited . To read more of my pieces, both prose and poetry, head over to @CharlleyThen


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