You didn’t believe them when they said
Someday, your views would change.
You thought they were old
and couldn’t understand.
You were wrong.

You couldn’t comprehend
the knowledge they were pressing
wrought from experiences
that you couldn’t be saved from
Sometimes, harm, is the best thing
that can come from living.

It hurt. God, did it hurt,
when your bones fractured
and you had to rebuild
ribcage and sinews
sewing yourself back
from the dust that billowed

open mouth screams
that silently told you
“Do not touch me”,
“I am done”.
The biggest lie you told yourself,
“I am not strong enough”.

You didn’t succumb.
Your feet have carried you further
than you thought possible,
through the blood and sweat and tears
and bitter regret, empty heartaches

You fought and you won and you lost
and you’ve died, a million lightyears ago
and still, you’re alive, breathing
in through bandaged ribcage
you run tearing scabs and healing
over and over and endlessly.

Today, your views have changed.
You didn’t believe them
when they told you that time heals all.
You still don’t believe them,
but you take it with a grain of salt.
Time doesn’t heal. It endures.

This piece was first published on Medium, by Poets Unlimited. If you like this piece, or any of my other pieces and would like to view more of my poetry/prose, please follow me @CharlleyThen for more updates.


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