You are 24 and have learned
that Time passes
and keeps on passing you.

You are 24, with thoughts
that count as vaguely-new
but are nothing new.

Your soul is weary
but your muscles are still
capable of keeping up,

You push and push
and hustle because you
are only 24.

You are 24 and your friends
are married, with kids
and getting fancy.

Your plates have matching silverware
and there is a theme to dinner
that doesn’t come from a box.

You own furniture
that don’t have Swedish names
and aren’t self-assembled.

You’re 24 and caught
in-between feeling like a child
and a grown up playing hooky.

You are 24 and self aware
enough to claim that
hard work will get you somewhere

You don’t know the destination
but you own the journey,
or maybe, it’s the other way?

You are 24 and you know
how undeniably lucky you are
and you trace back

The years in your face,
23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18
all the way to your first love

Trying to remember how
and when and why
Things mattered so much then.

You are 24 and know
that Life is happening
in these moments

And you are 24, and trying
to embrace them,
as much as you can.

This piece first appeared Medium, published by Poets Unlimited. If you like this piece, or any of my other works, please follow me @CharlleyThen and give me a green heart. 


3 thoughts on “Twenty4

  1. When I first read this on Medium, I knew 25 would bring you lessons of Spring. You have so much soul in the words pent up in you. I pray for the day someone catches hold of it and send it out by the pound to thousands.

    A gift, young one. You are a gift.

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