I work good.

You are not a fighter,
but you became a warrior.

You wear mismatched socks
and genuinely have zero fucks
to give to those
who haven’t earned
the right to judge.

You cut off long tresses
and long relationships
that were leading nowhere
because a short bob is easy to manage
and requires
no maintenance.

Life has jaded you
and left you free-er
than when you were 6
and envisioning
who you would be

Because who you are
is no longer defined
by a society’s ideal
but rather
what makes you happy

and you learnt
as the years passed
that Time passes

you’re OK
because you know
that your feet will carry
you to places
even with mismatched socks

You became a warrior
through experiences

And you’re a survivor
who knows that
each body is different
and all that matters

is that you work good
and hard
and smart

and you’ve earned
the knowledge that you

do not care to judge.


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