Niagara Falls.

He says he wants life,
while hiding in a cave
Allegories glittering.

I stumble.

Over answers, tongue ready
to inject fuel
into a conversation
that was never meant
to be anything other
than me, conveying
my point.

My glorious point.

What of stars
and dreams
and y’know…

other things?

My point was never meant
for Him. It was for me.
Always for me. Selfishly.

Well, now he says
He wants healing,
yet all the caves he’s searching
have one thing in common.
The same things I have tried
and failed
until the day I gave up

preconceived destinations.

We say we want trust
as we hold on tight
to life boats

flowing fast into a niagara.

We know we’re dying
yet we refuse to let go
even as we become caved-in.

This piece appeared originally at Medium, if you like my posts and want to read far more regular updates, follow me @CharlleyThen


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