Let’s be Honest.

You don’t want to know me.

You don’t want to know
that I am a human,
that I ache and laugh
and smile and cry
and feel
all the things that you do.

You want to see
briefly, superficially
the impact you
can exercise
over my world.

You want to see me break
and bend
because your ego
needs to know
that reality is
of your own choosing.

I am not sorry for you.
I am sorry
for me, myself, I
too am like you.
I see only

I judge you on
reactions. My world
is governed by
It is a mirage.
We are all mirages.

I do not love you.
I do not know you.
You cannot love
things you don’t want
to understand.

So let’s cut the bullshit.
You don’t want me,
the way I want you.
I want to know you.
I really do.

The way you don’t want to.

This piece first appeared on Medium, published under Poets Unlimited. If you liked it, or any of my works, and have a Medium account, please follow me @Charlleythen


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